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Fee Schedule for the Clerk of District Court


Filing fees have not been increased in over twenty years in the State District Courts of Wyoming, and that fee will remain at $50.00.

July 1, 2010 fees were increased an additional $10 to include a fee for indigent civil legal services. The civil legal services fee is used by the Wyoming Supreme Court to provide funding for indigent civil legal services in the State of Wyoming.

July 1, 2017 fees were increased to include a twenty-five dollar ($25) court automation fee to be used by the Supreme Court for the purchase, maintenance, operation of computer hardware and software to enhance the communication, records and management needs of the courts of the State of Wyoming.


All fees are to be paid at the time of filing:
Lower Court Appeal ($50 + $10 + $25) $85.00
Notice of Appeal to S.C. ($85 + $110) $195.00
         Appeal Filing Fee - District ($50 + $10 + $25) $85.00
         Appeal Filing Fee - Supreme Court ($75 + $10 + $25) $110.00

(Both fees collected by the D.C. at the time of filing)

Civil Filing Fee   $110.00 
Civil Modification    $110.00
State Agency Civil Filing Fee (through 7/1/2020)   $85.00
Judicial Review ($50 + $10 + $25) $85.00
Foreign Judgment ($50 + $10 + $25) $85.00
Circuit Court Liens ($50 + $10 + $25) $85.00
Abatement Claim / Objection   $10.00
12 Person Jury Request Fee   $150.00
6 Person Jury Request Fee   $50.00
Adoption Filing Fee    $110.00
Conservatorship or Guardianship    $150.00
Probate Filing Fee   $150.00
Appraisal Fees (Unchanged)    


Miscellaneous Fees:
Copies - first page  $1.00 
Copies - each additional page $0.50
Certification Fee $0.50
Authentication or Exemplification Fee $5.00
Docket Sheet - first page $1.00
Docket Sheet - each additional page $0.50
Record Search $10.00
Fax Fee - per page $1.00


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