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22-25-115. Written campaign advertising; prohibiting placement on public property; exception.
Except as provided herein, written campaign advertising shall not be placed on or attached to any real or personal property of the state or its political subdivisions. This prohibition shall not apply to fairgrounds of the Wyoming state fair or of any county fair organized under the laws of this state. The University of Wyoming, any community college and school district may permit such advertising subject to regulation by their governing board as to time, place and manner. Any rules and regulations adopted shall provide for equal access to opposing political views. Subject to the approval of the landowner and any rules and regulations adopted by a municipality, campaign materials may be placed on municipal street rights-of-way. The department of transportation shall allow campaign materials to be placed on a state right-of-way within a municipality to the same extent which the municipality allows campaign materials to be placed on municipal street rights-of-way. Nothing in this section shall apply to any interstate highway.

22-26-113.  Electioneering too close to a polling place
(a) Electioneering too close to a polling place or absentee polling place under W.S. 22-9-125 when voting is being conducted, consists of any form of campaigning, including the display of campaign signs or distribution of campaign literature, the soliciting of signatures to any petition or the canvassing or polling of voters, except exit polling by news media, within one hundred (100) yards on the day of a primary, general or special election and within one hundred (100) feet on all other days, of any public entrance to the building in which the polling place is located. This section shall not apply to bumper stickers affixed to a vehicle while parked within or passing through the distance specified in this subsection, provided that:
(i) There is only one (1) bumper sticker per candidate affixed to the vehicle;
(ii) Bumper stickers are no larger than four (4) inches high by sixteen (16) inches long; and
(iii) The vehicle is parked within the distance specified in this subsection only during the time the elector is voting.

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