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Crook County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan


A Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan (MHMP) looks at natural hazards that the county, Sundance, Moorcroft, Pine Haven, and Hulett may be susceptible to and ways to lessen the potential disasters caused by those hazards. The county’s existing plan is being updated to make sure the county and its communities are disaster-resistant and less vulnerable to property damage and loss of life from a natural disaster. To remain current, the state and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) require that the plan be updated every five years. By getting the plan approved, the county and its local jurisdictions will continue to be eligible to compete for project funds. The county will also be eligible for post-disaster assistance from the state and/or FEMA, in the event of a major disaster. Adoption of the plan is voluntary, but each jurisdiction--the county and the four communities--will need to have at least one mitigation project in the plan and adopt the plan if they wish to qualify for funding and assistance.

The public is invited to review the plan and provide comments and feedback. The public comment period is open from May 10 – June 21. Please email your comments to Barb Beck at

Crook County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update - Briefing Paper  - October 2012


Crook County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan:

Title Page

Table of Contents and Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Hazards Identification and Risk Analysis

Chapter 3 - Dam Failures

Chapter 4 - Droughts

Chapter 5 - Earthquakes

Chapter 6 - Expansive Soils

Chapter 7 -Floods

Chapter 8 - Hail

Chapter 9 - Hazardous Materials and Waste

Chapter 10 - Landslides

Chapter 11 - Land Subsidence

Chapter 12 - Lightening

Chapter 13 - Tornadoes

Chapter 14 - Wildland Fire

Chapter 15 - Winter Storms and Blizzards

Chapter 16 - Mitigation Strategy

Chapter 16 - Mitigation Strategy1

Chapter 17 - Plan Monitoring, Maintenance, Revision, and Coordination

Appendix A - Planning Process

Appendix B - Local Government Assets

Appendix C - Resolutions of Adoption