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Crook County Property Ownership Maps


Crook County Parcel Viewer

BLM Plat Maps

Township Index

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Public Land Survey System (PLSS)

Note: Townships lying along County and State boundaries may vary in size and numbering sequence. The township and section detail maps above depict the standard numbering sequence of the sections in a typical township.

Parcel Identification Number (PID #) Description:

Parcel Identification Number (PID #) _ _ _ _ - _ _ - _ - _ _ - _ _ _ - _ _  14-digit number.
Sometimes the PID # appears as a 16-digit number with two digits in front that represent the specific county number. 
Crook County = 18, so the 16-digit PID # would be similar to 18  - _ _ _ _ - _ _ - _ - _ _  - _ _ _ - _ _.

_ _ _ _ stands for the two digit township and two digit range.
Example: T51N R63W would be written as 5163.

_ _ stands for the section number.
Example: Section 14 would be written as 14.

_ stands for the quarter section that the property is located in.
Example: SE quarter would be written as 4. See below.













The second set of _ _ stands for the block number. Numbers range from 00-99.

The second set of _ _ _ stands for the assigned P.I.D.N. These are tied to the legal description of contiguous land under a common ownership. Only when the legal description or boundary to this parcel changes does the P.I.D.N. change.

The last _ _ are undefined and are used at the assessor’s discretion.

Disclaimer for use of the Property Ownership Maps:

This Property Ownership Map and Data is created for ad valorem tax purposes on an annual basis by the Crook County Assessor's Office. The user of this data agrees not to reproduce these documents for resale purposes. Any user accepts the map and data "as is" and "with all faults." Any user of this data agrees to hold Crook County harmless from any liability arising from its use. This document does not constitute legal ownership or survey of the real property. The user should research the latest ownership of record in the Crook County Clerk's Office.